Jeremy Wohlwend


I am a PhD candidate at MIT CSAIL, advised by Professor Regina Barzilay. My research focuses on developing machine learning methods in the healthcare domain. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and moved to the United States when I was sixteen. I attended the International School of Boston for two years, where I now serve as a member of the Board of Trustees, assisting in school governance, and alumni relations. I graduated from MIT in 2017, with a Master's in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, studying artificial intelligence, mathematics and neuroscience. While at MIT, I spent two years in Ed Boyden's Synthetic Neurobiology group, working on the application of Expansion Microscopy to Connectomics. I then joined ASAPP Inc., a New York City startup focused on bringing machine learning to the customer service industry. I spent three years at ASAPP, working on natural language processing and model compression, before returning to MIT in 2020 to start my PhD. In my personal life, I'm a big football (soccer in the US) and golf enthusiast. I also really enjoy food, and have recently discovered the joy of baking.



You can contact me by email at the following addresses: